The Role of Palestinian Poetry

Mira Mattar writes fiction and poetry. Her novella, Yes, I Am A Destroyer, was published in 2020. Her chapbook, Affiliation and her first collection, The Bow were both published in 2021. A new chapbook, And most of all I would miss the shadows of the tree’s own leaves cast upon its trunk by the orange streetlight in the sweet blue darks of spring, has recently been published by Veer2. She regularly reads her work in the UK and abroad. Mira lives and works in London.

What’s the role of poetry and writers in the ongoing struggle for freedom? Mira Mattar and Sabrin Hasbun will engage in a discussion, exploring the power of literature in advocating for justice and self-determination and the responsibility of artists in front of unspeakable moments of tragedy. They will share excerpts from their own works, offering a poignant glimpse into the Palestinian narrative. The event will end with a Q&A session where the audience can engage with and discuss the same topics.

Date & Time:  Friday, 17th May, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Location: Bristol’s Palestine Museum, 27 Broad St, Bristol BS1 2HG

Tickets: £0, donations encouraged

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