Archiving Our Selves - Writing Workhop

Dr Zosia Crosse is a queer, working class writer, living in Bristol, the proud progeny of Polish refugees and Lancashire labourers. She grew up by the muddy sea in Weston-super-Mare and was a young carer. She has 15 years’ teaching experience and over a decade of experience working in the women’s sector with survivors of domestic and sexual violence. She writes fiction and poetry, and her PhD thesis explored writing feminist fiction as a means of processing trauma. She recently delivered collaborative workshops on how creative writing can be used to decolonize academia at the University of Naples “L’Orientale”, Italy. Her current research and writing investigates biomythography as a method of writing for marginalized people. Her poetry will be published by Late Britain Press this summer, and her academic work will feature in Writing in Practice later in the year. She loves coffee and swimming. And yes, they go very well together.

Can we transform how we feel about something by writing about it? And how can we write with vulnerability in a way that empowers? Is it possible to write about our selves in a way that nourishes and sustains the collective? In this workshop led by Dr Zosia Crosse, you will explore these questions, paying special attention to process, and create pieces fit for the archive of resilience and resistance.

We will give 2 free concession tickets for this workshop. If you are interested and would like to participate, please contact us telling us why you would like to attend.

Date & Time: Sunday, 19th May, 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM

Location: Bristol’s Palestine Museum, 27 Broad St, Bristol BS1 2HG

Tickets: £20 (or £30 including Palestinian Lunch)

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